We design and implement tailored privacy programs, covering all data flows and lines of bussiness. We cover every applicable personal data protection laws and international standards.
We help your company obtain and sustain compliance around the globe.
Avoid sanctions. Get prestige. Raise the privacy flag. Train your staff. Improve your bussiness.

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We elaborate privacy impact studies to identify and measure risks associated to the usage of data your company performs or programs to perform on new projects.
Plan Ahead. Identify and measure risks. Detect deficiencies. Project to comply.


External Data Protection Officer service.
We help you generate proof of compliance and commitment with personal data protection. Encouraging consumer protection and trust in your digital services.

Rely on experts and comply in a correct, safe and efficient manner.

100% digital service, automated and low cost. Based on our exclusive compliance software.

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We evaluate your processes to identify how you comply with the European Data Protection Regulation and design a plan for full GDPR compliance.

Implement the GDPR standard. Show care and accountability. Offer competitive services to Europe and the world,


We support our customers with training as to improve corporate privacy culture.

Comunicate propperly to your internal and external clients about the efforts you do to care for the intimacy of the people involved with your organization.

Demonstrate responsability and car for the personal data protection.


Obtain the European Privacy Seal in personal data protection quality and conquer new markets.

We're are an EuroPriSe expert and therefore can certify quality in personal data protection on websites, services and IT products with the European Privacy Seal. This certification focuses on promoting competitive services that align with the european privacy framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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We design and implement tailored privacy programs, covering all data flows and lines of bussiness, according to applicable personal data protection laws and international standards.

Our services include GAP Analysis on local legislations of all latinoamerican countries as well as international standards like the GDPR and the National CCPA and HIPAA.

DPO Service

Ten years of experience and our own developed software allows us to automate all procedures applicable and then to provide a Data Protection Officer service. You can have a personal data protection department with qualified experts for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.


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In 2016, Habeasdat was awarded with a prize from the Spanish Personal Data Protection agency for this develpment. Availabe to download and use for free.


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